Sam Robbins

b. 1995 Baltimore, MD

currently: Brooklyn, NY


Group Exhibitions:


  • Men and Women for Others Visual Arts Exhibition, The Mason Civic League, Hoboken, NJ
  • Earth Angels NYC Gallery+Pop-Up, 33 Orchard St., New York, NY
  • 2016-17 Ildiko Butler Travel Award Recipients, Hayden Hartnett Project Space, New York, NY
  • Inaugural Opening Reception, Castellain Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • Highlights: Selections from Senior Seminar in Studio Art, Lipani Gallery, Fordham University--Lincoln Center, New York, NY


Solo Exhibitions:

  • Full of Life Enough to Explode, Lipani Gallery, Fordham University--Lincoln Center, New York, NY


What interests me in painting is the creation of another realm: what André Malraux posits in The Voices of Silence as the “immemorial impulse of creative art: the desire to build up a world apart and self-contained, existing in its own right.” Mine is a world of sea and sky, of rumination; where golden dawns commingle with unanimous horizons and time is illusory. In paint I yearn to fashion that which is beyond my quotidian experience. Nevertheless, fragments of daily life invigorate me and spill into the paintings. I brim over with purple sunsets, Atlantic Nor’easters, cosmic inquiries, the sun, the stars, the songs of birds. These paintings are what could not be contained.